Finding a suitably qualified Finance Director who fits into your organisation can often be difficult, so much could go wrong and the 'fit' of an individual with your existing staff is essential for continued working relationships and outputs.  Making an error on this appointment can cost time, money and cause unnecessary stress.


Create Balance can provide the services of a virtual finance department and/or a Finance Director for a fraction of the cost

of employment.  The benefit being an increase in productivity levels and a reduction in liability.

  • Credit control

  • Payment of suppliers

  • CRM and data integration specialists 

  • Payroll

  • VAT

  • Management Information

  • Reporting to the Board    

Don't settle for second best - make sure your business is well served with both information and support.

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Tax - Business and Personal

Everyone needs to pay tax - Create Balance offers the whole package from Bookkeeping all the way through to filing you personal and business tax returns as well as your statutory filings. 

If you have a tax query which is outside of our sphere of knowledge we have a network of specialist tax advisors where you can be referred.

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Every limited company needs to file accounts whether or not the business has traded.

Create Balance is a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor, also running Xero and FreeAgent.  Cloud based accounting has progressed significantly over the last 5 years and we run all of these programmes as a Bureau.  Migration of this information into our own accounts production software plus seamless electronic filing now means filing accounts with Companies House couldn't be easier.  

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Payroll Bureau

Payroll has a range of difficulty levels - it can be as simple as a sole Director or as complicated as multiple timesheets, overtime monitoring and accrued holidays for bank workers.  All of which we cater for - it may seem that payroll only comes round once a month, but for complicated payroll runs the collection of data will start at least two weeks before.  There is a synergy between payroll and HR and communication is paramount.

Create Balance can either run an existing payroll system or transfer employees onto our own bureau software.

Create Balance has the experience and tenacity to ensure your payroll is delivered on time, every time.  This service can be provided for a maximum of up to 50 employees.

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Company Secretarial

Directors can often fall foul of the Companies Act by not adhering to their responsibilities - the Companies Act 2006 is a Law, breaking that law can lead to prosecution.

By appointing Create Balance is your Company Secretary you can be assured all filings will be made on time.  

Create Balance offers a range of Company Secretarial support functions - these items act as a menu for Directors:

  • Organising Board Meetings

  • Taking minutes and circulating after the meeting

  • Action logs to monitor progress and assign tasks

  • Creating resolution paperwork

  • Maintaining Statutory Records

  • Organising the AGM

  • Filing all Companies House paperwork



You may already have a bookkeeper, but you want to change products, we can provide experienced and relevant training for your employees to enable them to run the business effectively.  

Create Balance also deliver a high quality, people centric training sessions for staff on finance process and procedure.  This will help to engage staff and help them understand why certain process is important and necessary.

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Create Balance are a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and also run cloud based products called Xero and FreeAgent.  We also have extension knowledge of Sage products, CRM and various integrations including Direct Debits.

The suitability of one of these products is going to depend on the size of the business.  We can discuss this with you and discuss the various pricing structures so you truly understand what you are paying for. 

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Independent Examinations

Some small charities require an Independent Examination of their records.  

At Create Balance we provide this cost effective service to any client who may require it.  Some smaller charities may chose to have one

for peace of mind.

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