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Keeping up to date with your obligations

Keeping up with your obligations

When people set up a limited company it is often easy to forget what your obligations are to Companies House and HMRC, such as the mandatory filing of accounts and submitting a corporation tax return.  

At Create Balance we have invested in a production system which allows us to track what our clients need and for us to make timely requests to ensure filing deadlines are reached.  

All files are electronically signed for security and submitted directly to Companies House and HMRC, reducing stress and the need to use the postal system.

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Putting your people first

People are the most important asset to a business, make sure they are paid correctly and on time.

Payroll complexity can vary from one organisation to the next.  With the introduction of the CJRS in 2020 a lot of companies found they didn't have enough experience internally to make or approve the claim.


Here at Create Balance we are well versed in all things payroll and offer Brightpay as our payroll processor of choice.  Brightpay Connect allows your staff to view payslips and other HR correspondence via an online portal saving time and money.  


Payroll can be anything from single Directors up to 50 staff - we cater for all.


Peace of mind

Tax is often an area we don't like to think about, but everyone has to pay it, individuals and businesses alike. 


If you need some tax advice and have a complicated tax query around reliefs, or you just need a tax return completed, look no further than Create Balance.  We are here to help and advise you on personal and business tax.  



Saving time and money

As a sole trader, SME, or charity you may not have the means or capacity to be able to employ your own finance support or fill the position of a Finance Director.  By appointing Create Balance as your virtual finance department you can be sure all your bookkeeping and accounting will be done for you. 


Our team are experienced bookkeepers and accountants, understanding every level of the business.  We can set up systems and processes which will make sure your business runs like a well oiled machine.  

The scope of this work can be from data entry and bookkeeping up to regular Management Information with KPI reporting and monitoring plus attendance at board meetings. 


This service can be carried out either on or off site.  

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Fulfilling your mandatory obligations

Create Balance can fulfil the role Company Secretary to your business.  

The scope of this arrangement can be from simply making mandatory filings with Companies House or as a presence at your board meetings to take minutes, record actions and offer guidance.

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