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To find out more about the services we offer, either email or call the office on 01892 311890

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CB Essentials

from £35+ VAT per month


Just need a Tax Return? ​ Are you a sole trader or have a limited company and need some accounts? Or maybe you are a landlord and need to report under MTD. ​ This is our simplified service; you only make contact once a year, if we have access to your records already we'll let you know the work is already in hand. ​ The Tax Return and Accounts will be sent to you for agreement as soon as they are done. ​ Simple!

CB Supported

from £100 + VAT per month

Peace of mind

Running your own business is hard, if you do EVERYTHING then you save money, right?!  WRONG

If you are bogged down in admin and are processing supplier invoices, you aren't focussing on what really matters - your customers, creativity, strategic vision or critical decision making!

With the CB supported service we can offer a monthly bookkeeping service, with payroll and VAT returns if required, to reduce the admin burden, leaving you to run your business. We'll help you navigate the world of employment and provide HR support to make sure you are compliant and most importantly ensure your employees are happy. 

We'll check in with you once a month and see if everything is OK, have a swim in your books, tidying as we go, then we'll let you know if there is anything to be discussed. 


All of this for a monthly fee so you can spread the cost throughout the year, no nasty surprises.

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CB Enhanced ask for a quote

Rest assured

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This service is our bespoke and most popular service we offer. Instead of your business employing a finance manager and/or a Finance Director or CFO, we can bring this service to you on a monthly basis. 

The below explains more about what we can offer.

This all encompassing service is a bespoke finance department, tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Support can be weekly or even daily depending on your requirements - effectively outsourcing the entire finance function. 

In addition you will have access to a Finance Director.

Smaller businesses or start ups are often not in a position to afford the services of a Finance Director - so buying in the service and tapping it onto the finance function creates synergy.


Your Finance Director will be working with other clients too, it broadens their expertise in multiple sectors, gaining insights into varying practices, those which have and have not worked, the best of those are then applied to your organisation to maximise gain.

Your Finance Director will guide you through your business journey, and provide you with up to date analytics, engaging management information and be there to speak to when you need a sounding board. The service can be dialled up and down as you require. We all speak plain English, no bamboozling or business buzz words.

We can provide cash flow forecasting, monthly MI, treasury management and much, much more. 


Call us 01892 311890 for more information or email

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